What if Rikki lost the number?

Steely Dan never told us but it would be something like me forgetting the Michelin map I purchased specifically so we could navigate the tricky side roads and myriad diversions of Burgundy and have to wing instead.  It would be my navigator forgetting his glasses and unable to see road signs.  It would be myriad Read More

Crisis on the Continent

It started out nicely, up early, a crisp sunny autumn day, check out, cab up to St. Pancras, Eurostar to Paris.  Last time I took Eurostar it was from Waterloo, a charming station but without the guts for a powerhouse like ES; it was like having a po-mo reno on a prized Victorian relic. The Read More

Piccadilly Whip

  SS tries to make his way into the Tate Modern Another nice day.  And they call it London. We took coffee in a St. James Cafe Nero which used to be the rectory of a church, then tubed to Canary Wharf.  SS had a vision of a UK version of, say, Toronto’s Distillery District; Read More

Don’t be alarmed ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of stainless steel.

We were standing on Bond Street across the street from the Opera Gallery where there was a giant sculpture of an ape, think King Kong not Gorillas in the Mist, ten feet tall six feet wide.  It was, excuse the pun, hugely engrossing.  We crossed to take a closer look.  Despite looking like solid steel, Read More

I thought the major was a lady suffragette

The priority check-in was fast and the priority security slow (you have to take your laptop and fluids out of your luggage, have these people never flown before?) and the lounge packed and the plane full. But it was a dull and drizzly day and it seemed perfect to be leaving. I forgot to phone Read More

Yes, it’s a travel blog.

Harper’s recently reported that about two-thirds of the one billion Indians living in India have access to a mobile phone whereas just over half have access to a toilet.  We’ve decided to forgo the mobile phone and blog. I promise no lamenting about missing the dog.  And we will not hold seances a la the Read More

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