Look: It’s BAFTA Winning Actor, the New Q and Limping Man From The Lobster Without an Entourage

Remembrance Day: Friday was set to be glorious.  I dragged my sorry jetlagged ass out of bed and did something I’ve never done in London: Took the train to Hampton Court, then walked the Thames Path to Richmond.  I was under the impression this would be a seven and a half kilometre walk, a breeze.  Read More

On the Way the Paper Bag was on My Knee

…didn’t get to bed last night.” Flying is a drag.  It doesn’t matter where you sit or what they feed you the human being is not meant to spend much (if any) time at 39,000 feet, let alone nine hours.  Although seamless, and with a German crew that was so friendly and helpful it seemed Read More

Walking Out

“Walking out” was one of the customary amusements of society life in Madrid…  It’s also what we’re doing today.  Last day of the last leg of Euro 2016. The pic above, a few steps from our hotel, is the Palacio Longoria, an Art Nouveau building that verges on Gaudi.  It currently hosts the Spanish Society Read More

It’s the Thought That Counts Uno, Dos, Tres

This morning was lovely but Vancouver cold, around 14 degrees, I felt like a Parisian at Roland Garros; sunny skies with fair weather clouds and a wicked wind.  But it did mild up as the wind died down. We walked through old Madrid to the Royal Palace.  I was feeling sort of palace-d out, and Read More

We Go Dendrochronological

Yesterday 29 degrees, today 21; beautiful weather but mainly a wind of “mistral” proportions keeping it temperate.  Pleasantville in the sun, coolish in the shade.  We didn’t add on (or need, at this point) a hotel breakfast, so were two Nespresso’s ready to hit the road well before nine.  We did what many, most, or Read More

You Have to Experience This Experience

Our last day in Prague.  We were packed, then down to breakfast, then running up the Fitbit steps before nine, to get to the Old Jewish graveyard.  It was used for over 300 years, 1439-1787, but the land allotted to the Jewish community was never big enough.  In fact, the area was so small it Read More

Sound, Fair and of Marketable Quality

This morning we picked up laundry.  Sooner or later on vac you have to suss out a drop off laundromat.  Then we headed out to the southwest of the city, to an area called Vinohrady.  The weather was crazy: First it was mild with a breeze, then it got hot, up to 21, warmer in Read More

Themes and Variations, Variations on a Theme, and a Really Good Meal, er Meals

This morning started mild, but quickly turned hot and humid.  We took a very long walk to the south; in fact, we exceeded 10,000 Fitbit steps well before noon.   Along the way we walked through Wenceslas Square, the largest and most central and most commercial square of the city, replete with any number of Read More

Do Not Hold Your Water, Nor Your Winds

This morning dawned cool, under 20 degrees (!), with a light drizzle; not enough to get wet, but enough to irritate anyone who wears glasses.  By noon it was dry and humid and by late afternoon back to summer, blue sky, warm.   We were going to start our day with the Spanish Synagogue and Read More

A Person Could Go Crazy in This Dump… 49,000 Acres of Nothin’ But Scenery and Statues

We started our day as many tourists do, at the Prague castle (Prazsky Hrad).  But unlike most, we walked there, which is mostly uphill and something of a trek from our hotel.  There are ten different sites to see, you purchase “combo” tickets for a selection or go individually to whatever site hits your fancy.  Read More

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