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AC148 YVR to YYZ J Class

Missing a connection at gate 50


SS ensconced


Front of from back of the Airbus


Meal: beef or chicken or salmon or pasta


Top Chef finalist







Last.  Like John Daly on the leaderboard.

Of course up front on AC isn’t good enough for some Canadians.  Peter McKay, they say, prefers a military Cormorant.  But for most of us this is as good as it gets domestic.  We lucked out on an international plane, in from Tokyo, so we had the pod configuration.  Most domestic J class are two and two.  There are worse ways to spend four hours.

David Suzuki was checking in beside us at YVR.  I told him when I heard him speak we shared a common experience re: taking an economics class and “externalities”.  He remembered.  I recommended Jane Gleeson’s Double Entry.  He wasn’t convinced. I refrained from saying that if he had AC Super Elite status he may well be part of the problem…


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