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Lunch in the Country

Dawn from our deck, Valparaiso in the distance


Pelicans on a rocky outcrop about 30m from the hotel

The Casablanca valley lies between Santiago and the coast.  Most of the finest wines in Chile are grown in the dry, hilly valley.  We decided to explore a bit.  Rather than visit a number of vineyards we went to one which was a restaurant, representing several small producers.

Casablanca Valley


Casa de Vins


If you compare Casablanca with, say, Australia, France or South Africa, I’m afraid they all come out ahead.  But it was still scenic, albeit with a freeway running through the centre…

Casa de Vins had a really welcoming dining room and deck



Cream of lentil soup with truffle oil and house made ricotta stuffed ravioli


Ceviche.  Not my thing but SS said it was excellent


Lobster and prawn risotto.  In a half pound of butter.


An SS favorite: Seared tuna on couscous


Our lunch was superb!  Except for SS’s dessert: A wonderful orange ice cream and raspberries but on a homemade granola bar.  What’s that all about?  Are we at a spa?  This is supposed to be a holiday!

We had a lovely stroll around the grounds then drove back to Valparaiso and spent a long time at Pablo Neruda’s house.

The author of Here Hare has traveled to over 45 countries on six continents, and has lived in Canada, the UK and Australia.

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