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Our Promise: Not to have our first meal at a parrilla


Hatted maneki-neko
Day one: Despite a decent arrival time, the luggage and
customs and finding our driver then a 55 minute drive to the hotel took up a chunk
of the afternoon.  Our hotel is nestled
on a narrow street, just 12 rooms on three floors, but the neighbourhood is
particularly vibrant, not a bastion of quietude.  Glu Hotel.
Our room, 303, top floor “quiet” side


Rooftops from the balcony


Looking down at the courtyard
We were out for a walk pretty promptly though; loving the
warm and pleasing late afternoon, through the narrow streets of Palermo Soho, which
was lively and bright and how can I put it?
Dog friendly, in the European way.
Cobbled streets of Palermo Soho


Olive oil


Mobiles made of pages from books
Around 7:30 we were getting hungry but Argentinos dine late,
most restaurants don’t even open before 8:00, and the bars that are open just
serve snacks and sweets.  We ended up at,
yes, a parrilla, or steak house, one of the better known ones, catering to
tourists, and serving dinner before eight.
A lot of meat came to the table.  Then
a huge amount of accompaniments.  Of
course we didn’t know what it all was, but there we were on a most perfect
night, warm with a very light breeze, at an outdoor table, and so we ate it
regardless.  Still alive.
Carnivore’s Delight


Unidentified Foodstuffs Filled the Table
It was just past 10 when we hit the hotel.  The next thing I knew it was 9 a.m.

The author of Here Hare has traveled to over 45 countries on six continents, and has lived in Canada, the UK and Australia.

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