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Substance is Style

So it goes; another spectacular trip down. Spettacolare.

Didn’t ever post any pics of the Yard hotel, bar and restaurant common areas. Bric a brac meets shabby chic meets a reactionary aversion to minimalism meets hoarding meets collectible obsession.

Hats and helmets. And a brain.
Busty beauties.
A dash of chinoiserie.
Roller skates, water skis and a sunken ship.
Instruments, games and oils.
The bar. $22 for a drink anyone?

Yeah, so it’s a design hotel.

We had a very civilized travel day. Up not too early, some packing, leisurely breakfast, checkout. Humidity returns with 34 degree heat; really oppressive. Lucked out with a BMW touring car for a taxi and Linate is a city airport, not too far, smallish, bus to the plane sort of airport. We were entitled to the BA lounge; small, windowless, feature-free, but at least cool and quiet. The bus transit to the BA Airbus 319 (the only plane as bad is the Boeing 737) was chaos and we left quite late.

Tarmac departure.
Leaving Milan city airport.
The lakes and alps north of Milan.
Arriving in London. Nice views up top of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and down below the city and the 02 where the year end ATP is played.

Heathrow, as usual, panic stations. In the lounge, get this: The sport they are showing on TV is cricket. I’m not going to write out why, on July 5, playing cricket instead of something else is heretical in the UK.

Speaking of substance over style, we’re flying home on an A380; first time (and maybe the last? Orders have dried up and Airbus will cease manufacturing it in 2021). Here’s the question: The “bottom” level goes first, biz, economy. The “top” level has two sections of biz, one premium economy, regular economy, then in the tail a very small additional economy. Main or upper? We chose upper.

A random BA 380. Below, the unfortunate title of their in-flight magazine.
The Concorde and 747 top the list when it comes to civil aviation; I think the A380 will be soon forgotten though, too much like a cigar stub.
Speaking of Concorde, an old BOAC and Concorde lie to the east of the runway.
BA’s ludicrous front back biz seats. But look at the size of that washroom! And with that this set of entries closes.

The author of Here Hare has traveled to over 45 countries on six continents, and has lived in Canada, the UK and Australia.

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