Bull manifestation

Did I ever give the update on the Tate Modern sunflower seeds?  Despite taking thousands of Chinese villagers years to create and paint, the porcelain wasn’t lacquered.  The seeds “opened” for one day.  When people began to walk on them porcelain dust filled the air and created a health hazard.  The exhibit was closed.  It’s Read More

Le Shopping

It’s stop not arete and parking not stationnement and shopping.  The Quebec sign police would have a field day. We took the lawnmower on the motorway SE to Aix (as in extremee or excusez or X the LA band from the early 80s) home of Paul Cezanne.  It was getting exhausting being retired in St. Read More

Man carrying oven

Even the graffiti has je ne sais quoi Any more culture and we’d be yogurt. Today, all day, in Arles.  It was sunny, then overcast, but mild, up to about 18C.  We started with a coffee in a brasserie on the square, where I read in the IHT that Sarkozy has fast-tracked the pension reform Read More

Exam at the end

Morning sun looking west from Les Baux   Vineyards and olive groves in the Val d’Enfer   The limestone outcrop which is Les Baux         Part of the remains of the fortified castle at Les Baux Stupendous day.  Early to Les-Baux-de-Provence, an ancient settlement on a limestone “mountain” overlooking the Val d’Enfer Read More

Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows

Awesome gardens at the hotel Bastide de Boulbon   It rained hard all night but we woke up to a beautiful day, occasional clouds, lots of sun, around 8C, but no wind.  Our tourist world looked wonderful.  Of course still lots of protests, some gas stations out of gas (although we keep being told that Read More

Blow’d up good, blow’d up real good

We had an early breakfast—as early as you can have it, it starts at nine; the Germans were leaving, four hour drive to Frankfurt, pretty sweet. Mild but overcast.  Drove south to Cluny, meandering along a two lane highway through farms and forest.  Passed over a mountain on the way, fog and rain, but at Read More

Monday not so good

Closed for the season Chateau (maison de garde at the dam) in decline, Lac des Settons We had a wonderful, lively breakfast, one UK couple regaling us with stories about friends of theirs who were caught in the Eurostar tunnel fiasco last winter, and another telling us of the zoning nightmare trying to renovate a Read More

His name was Ken

It was January at 8 AM: a mere five degrees!  Had communal breakfast upstairs; four Germans, two Belgians, two Anglos from Kent.  We were the first out of the B&B, on our way quite far north to Vezelay.  It was a day of major navigation, many side roads, ox-cart width, some u-turns, map confusion and Read More

Alors, le moving

For Heather     The medieval church at Fontenay       The “grand” garden   The cloister   The barnlike room is the monks’ dormitory         It actually works! Woke up to rain!  Checked out Saturday AM from LR, drove south to Beaune then northwest to Saulieu, where it was chilly Read More

Je m’appelle Jean Cluny

Suffering from severe malnutrition, SS begins to shrink. Et voici mon ami Anne.  For those who remember.  And for those who do, that’s about the extent of my French these days. The sun took several hours to cut through the haze today, which, along with a bitter wind in the AM left us seeing our Read More

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